I’m a Union HVAC contractor that has been working with Michael McKittrick early on when he decided to launch business of Archangel Extermination. I’ve witnessed him validating processes of which he ran various successful experiments for home heat treatment. It became very clear to me that he had a passion to insure success of his services. He has worked with me to make sure he understands things above and beyond industry standards and how heating and ventilation come into play when heating a dwelling. That includes safety of which I have for the highest of confidence in his understanding. I found him to be very diligent, honest, and determined. He also made it very clear for me that this is well beyond any fiscal desires that it is more about truly helping others. I’m happy to give personal testimonial for Archangel Extermination.


Karl Kastl

VENT Heating & Cooling, LLC

I’m in the industry of Real-estate. It is unfortunate, but I’ve periodically ran into situations where extermination is required before a sale can be complete. What is important to me is that my customers trust me and that I can offer on to them the best solution possible at a fair rate. Another unfortunate is that many in the industry of extermination have poor integrity. I trust Michael McKittrick and Archangel Exterminating 100% and have the highest confidence while endorsing them.

Larry Stenger
Larry Stenger

Howard Hanna Realty

I’m in a business relationship with Michael McKittrick and Archangel Extermination of which I trust completely. Michael has come to me to make sure that his customers are covered from an insurance perspective related to any potential risks and damages. He has gone above and beyond with his planning to make sure he is responsible and trusted.

Tami Smith
Tami Smith

Schmidt & Smith Insurance Agency

I’m a neighbor, friend, and business associate of Michael McKittrick and Archangel Extermination. I saw some of the torment that he went through in his own personal circumstance in dealing with bed bug extermination. His passion is very clear in wanting to do what is right and genuinely helping others given that personal connection. His integrity is of a very high standard and I trust him completely. He has made it clear to me that his business intentions with this are good with desire to help others and not about a get rich opportunity. I will be working with Archangel Extermination on the accounting side to make sure he and all employees are compliant with the best of standards. It is my pleasure to represent and endorse Michael and Archangel Exterminating completely!

George Pimentel

Small Business Accounting Services

Michael is part of my parish whom attends regularly. He came to me with his business intentions and his reasoning of why. I’m very happy to see someone take a negative situation and turn it into a positive as Michael has done here. He believes the experience personal experience is a blessing to him. I believe that Michael’s faith will be a driver for him in his efforts to serve. I love his slogan of “casting the pestilent creatures to hell” as he is doing it out of a passion for the wellbeing of others.

Pastor Dwight

Christ The King Church

Extermination Process Utilizing HEAT

Archangel Extermination, LLC

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