Heat Vs. Chemical

Heat Exterminating


Offering both forced air as well as electric heat solutions, your dwelling is heated to temperatures between 130 – 150 degrees and maintained for over 4 to 5 hours.   Our solution has been validated and proven.    Beware of exterminators that offer topical heat.   They simply are not effective!

The entire dwelling needs to be fully heated of which there are no bugs that can survive the treatment.    We do not follow a standard of minimums.    We go over and above to insure that your problem is resolved the first time and both a VALIDATION and GUARANTEE are offered.

Chemical Verses Heat

Chemicals  exterminations utilize poisons.  There is a very good reason why this is extremely regulated by the Departments of Agriculture and EPA.  It is also why chemical exterminators are audited regularly involving usage.   Check your local records and you will find accidental poisonings are more common than one would hope.    Chemicals leave residues long after the treatment that are not healthy for humans or animals.    Pesticides during extermination are among the top 10 causes of poison exposure according to the AAPCC.    HEAT TREATMENT has zero side effects for humans, pets, and for the environment.   Once complete it is completely safe!

Treatments utilizing chemicals are a gamble as in most cases they will not work at all.    Do your research through state organizations such as Departments of Agriculture and you will find that bed bugs build up immunity and become resistant to chemicals.    The exoskeletons of bed bugs are thicker now than 10 yeas ago.  Studies have shown that their nervous systems are more robust with stronger detoxification enzymes.    Most state agencies render pesticides as a bad choice because these factors ultimately making them useless in efforts of exterminating.    Bed bugs as well as most other insects have ZERO TOLLERANCE to HEAT.   A bed bug or its eggs cannot survive temperatures above 122 degrees.   HEAT is the only 100% effective way to kill bed bugs!



With a chemical extermination, many pieces of furniture or personal items must be discarded.    Most chemical exterminators will tell you that any items exposed are at risk.    When an item is HEATED, it is risk free.    Obviously there are some items that cannot be heated in which other precautions and controlled measures can be taken.    Any item that is heated, wood, metal, plastic, or fabric do not have to be discarded and will be completely bed bug free.    While the cost of chemicals are much less than heat, what is the cost of discarding your belongings worth in comparison to an approach that can save your most personal possessions?

It is very unlikely that a chemical treatment will work in one treatment, if to work at all.  It would typically take 3 or more chemical treatments when success is achieved, whereas one single heat treatment is completely effective.    It is almost impossible to get to the eggs utilizing chemicals.    With new eggs hatching, it is common for chemical exterminators to revisit application every 14 days.    Even in small infestations, there is a risk that chemicals will fail leading to more time, more stress, and commonly failed results.     HEAT TREATMENTS eliminate bed bugs at all stages including eggs.   It is effective immediately after the application.   Residents can rest assured that HEAT is 100% effective and their lives return to normal upon completion of treatment.

Since a bed bug is as thin as a piece of paper, they can hide in the smallest of hiding places such as the crevices of a dresser, electrical outlets, or between a baseboard on wall.    Chemicals simply cannot reach all places.   During chemical treatments, bed bugs can run deeper seeking refuge and ultimately result in a larger infested area.    HEAT TREATMENTS when conducted properly heat not only the surface area but are conducted throughout the entire dwelling.    This is the reason it is heated for a duration of 4 or more hours.    Bed bugs are actually attracted to heat, and once it is heated beyond their living ability, they have no escape.    A proper HEAT TREATMENT will penetrate the ENTIRE area and all contents with a zero survival ability.



Extermination Process Utilizing HEAT

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