Financing and Funding

We won’t price gouge!  We understand that the expense is unplanned.    Our solution is the best in the market!   It will be affordable and even offer PAYMENT PLANS.  We are also currently working with State and local government agencies to offer aid for those in need.   It is our sincere hope that aid will be offered soon, but in the interim we may still be able to help.

The burden with infestation is not only stressful psychologically, but also financially. Unfortunately there is no insurance to cover this unexpected cost. At Archangel, we understand the financial impact.

In some cases, you may qualify for GOVERNMENT ASSISTANT PROGRAMS. However the funds for these type of programs tend to dry up quickly. If however there is a way, we will do the work for you after a financial assessment to make sure it is an option.
Regardless of any government assisted program, we will work with you to develop some sort of financial strategy.

The Archangel LLC funding options are all personalized. We look at each individual circumstance to determine an appropriate and fair solution.

Infestations can be costly and we understand financial burdens in addition to the already mental stress involved.  The goal of Archangel is to offer closure and peace of mind.   Our solutions will be the most affordable on the market that truly addresses the problem with compassion to the victims.   While heat treatment tends to be costly by competitors, we wish to make as affordable as possible.  Our prices will be very little more than that of chemical or topical treatments.

When you call, you will be surveyed over the phone in confidentiality regarding your sensitive situation.

Approximations for cost will be shared prior to a live consultation.

Extermination Process Utilizing HEAT

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