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Heat Extermination is the only solution that addresses variations of insect infestations without harmful chemical side effects.

Archangel Extermination offers a true heat treatment with Peace of Mind GUARANTEES for:

Bed Bugs

Did you know that Ohio is the number 1 state in the country related to Bed Bug infestations?


Archangel Extermination

Certified by state of Ohio




This business has been launched because of a direct personal experience by the Founder, Michael McKittrick.   Make sure to read that story so you can understand the passion and how Archangel Exterminating will relate to your problem with direct personal experience of your very same situation.    Archangel Exterminating is a Christian valued company that is involved with the community working with those in need.

Our Mission:

We will cast out the unwelcomed pestilent creatures to hells of heat where they will not survive!

Core Values:

Our core values are our faith, integrity, trust and compassion! Archangel Extermination is a company of Christian values and we always put that first. We will be honest and direct but most of all compassionate. You will be putting a lot of trust into our services and do all possible to make sure that is a two way bond. We will be fair and present to you all of your options making sure that you are educated along the way. It is important for you as a customer to be educated related to infestations as well as the entire process of eliminating it.

All employees at Archangel will go through various trainings and certifications. Safety is extremely important. We take every possible precautions to insure both their safety but also yours. We go above and beyond regulated standards on this. We intend to set a new bar involving any concerns. Employees not only have an understanding of HEAT, but also each component of equipment used and all potential hazards.

All employees will understand:


Heat Cautions


Heat Treatment


Emergency Response

Because trust is crucial, each employee will have background verification and will meet additional standards of trust and integrity of which we will GUARANTEE to our customers!


As the Founder of Archangel Exterminating. I’ve personally experienced the same pain and psychological torment of which you might be experiencing with bed bugs. While traveling, I stayed in very high-end clean hotels. Even there, we have no personal assurance that a dilemma of insect infestation is to be prevented.

I found myself itching and scratching and not knowing the stress involved with bed bugs.  I thought that I might have poison ivy. After visits to the doctor, the embarrassing truth showed itself. I hired several professional extermination companies local the area of which I thought to be reputable. I found that the industry had some issues. After numerous failed chemical treatments both by professionals and myself, I turned to heat. When realizing the costs were enormous, it made an already painful experience that much worse. My overall expenses drained me financially and brought me to a stress level of which I never imagined.

My values and passions have always been faith driven. The following statement may seem difficult for most to understand, but I actually view the experience as a blessing and am very thankful to God! Immediately after my own experience, people of whom I knew started turning to me as people that they knew were dealing with the same thing I had gone through. They reached out to me for help and I was more than willing. Low and behold, my path of the future was defined. My goal was to help people with honest information and a solution that could remedy infestations without price gouging and further pain.

My background of engineering, general contracting and business management put me in a great position. I personally am certified involving extermination. I have a wealth of knowledge that I have directly experienced related to bug infestations. I understand the mental and physical pains as well as financial burdens. I assure you as a testimony before the Almighty Father, my intent is to help you!

Extermination Process Utilizing HEAT

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