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As the Founder of Archangel Exterminating. I personally have experienced the same pain and psychological torment of which you are experiencing right now. For past employers, I traveled while staying in very high-end clean environment hotels. Even there, we have no personal assurance that a dilemma of insect infestation is to be prevented. I found myself itching and scratching one day after a visit not knowing what to be in store for my future.

I found myself scratching and itching one day thinking to myself it might be poison ivy. After visits to the doctor, the embarrassing truth showed itself. I hired several professional extermination companies local the area of which I thought to be reputable. Soon I found that the industry had some issues. After numerous failed chemical treatments both by professionals and myself, I turned to heat. When realizing the costs were enormous, it made an already painful experience that much worst. My overall expenses drained me financially and brought me to a stress level of which I could have never imagined.

My values and passions have always been faith driven.   The following statement may seem difficult for most to understand, but I actually view the experience as a blessing and am very thankful to God!   Immediately after my own experience, people of whom I knew started turning to me as people that they knew were dealing with the same thing I had gone through.   They reached out to me for help and I was more than willing.    Low and behold, my path of the future was defined.   My goal was to help people with honest information and a solution that could remedy infestations without price gouging and further pain.

My background of engineering, general contracting and business management put me in a great position.    I personally am certified involving extermination.    I have a wealth of knowledge that I have directly experienced related to bug infestations.    I understand the mental and physical pains as well as financial burdens.   I assure you as a testimony before my Almighty Father, my intent is to help you!

Extermination Process Utilizing HEAT

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