It’s not a title that anyone would want to brag about.   However, the unfortunate rankings have listed 3 major cities of Ohio in the top 10 locations of bed bugs.    Cleveland is #1, Columbus is #8, and Dayton is #10.   This ranking is based on exterminations of various exterminators.     Before too long, we will no longer be the Buckeye state, but instead the bed bug state.

Why is this so?   The climate of the area has zero to do with it.   The optimal climate for bed bugs would be areas warmer in temperature and not seasonal such as Ohio.    Speculation leads to lack of funding options via local and state authorities.     There is some aid out there, but it tends to dry up extremely quickly.    Those living in poverty simply adapt to it as part of life.  This is very sad.   It should be noted, that there are countries that also accept this standard.

Bed bugs have been a long lived problem.    There was a time where it seemed to be under control.   The bugs have simply become stronger.   They’ve built up immunity to pesticides.    Their exoskeletons have even become thicker.   World travel surely has not helped things.    Bed bugs are commonly found in places like hotels, theaters, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and really could be just about any place.   Even your cars can become carriers to these hitchhiking pests.

The ugly bug has made quite the stand in the area of Ohio.   There are new extermination businesses blooming regularly.    Many varied exterminators simply don’t have the means to handle them.    Attempts of extermination with insecticides are mostly futile.    The only effective way to kill the bugs and their eggs is with heat.    You can read about this on Ohio governments sites such as the EPA.    Do your research and take nobody’s word for it.    The bugs are a problem and hopefully Ohio will at some point take a stand to address it before we lose our “buckeye” status.

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. If you are dealing with bed bugs in the Ohio vicinity of cities: Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Painesville, Sandusky, or Youngstown, we can help.   Counties served:  Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Erie, Medina, Mahoning.  Archangel Extermination LLC offers full dwelling heat extermination for bed bugs.   We are a Christian based organization that offers the lowest price solutions and best guarantees around.   

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