Mattress covers are a great investment whether you suspect, have had, or simply want to protect against bed bugs.   Quite frankly, I really don’t understand why every hotel in the world does not use them.   I suppose that would be an admission on their part that a problem exists.   Unfortunately whether they admit it or not, a problem does exist.   Bed bugs are on the rise and are a huge problem.

If you have had bed bugs, they tend to leave stains on your mattresses.   Who wants to maintain a mattress with fecal stains of blood?   Obviously the expense of a bed bug extermination is high.  If you had a heat extermination, the mattress does not need to be replaced.   If however stains exist, that is simply a matter of choice as to whether or not you can live with it. 

Whether you are using a mattress protector to prevent or to hide, it is a great investment.   They are very inexpensive.   A king size mattress cover can be purchased in a range of $20 to $50.   The cheap ones work well as long as they are full covers, vinyl, and zippered.    Both the mattress and the box springs need to be covered to be effective.

Covering your mattress will not prevent you from an infestation if you bring them home, but it will prevent the bugs from nesting deep within the mattress which is a great way of controlling them not to mention a huge cost saver of having to replace expensive mattress sets.

If you think that bed bugs don’t exist in the higher class hotels than you are foolish.   They exist in some of the most expensive hotels you can ever imagine.   In most of those hotels, they discard of the mattress sets if exposed.   Yes, they treat the rooms, but you are unlikely to ever know about it.   Just imagine them money they could save in a prevention course of action.   

Mattress covers not only protect, but keep beg bugs from having a deep infestation.   It means they are still able to exist, but you are more likely to notice them quickly as they will stay in the surface areas.    They also will prevent against things like mites, dust, and allergens.

If you should invest in a cover, do not use the covers that do not fully incase.   You need a zippered cover.   It will most likely state bed bug resistant.   I advise against the sets that cover both a box spring and mattress as one.   They should be separate covers.   It can actually be a bit difficult to install the covers unless you really know what you are doing, so I advise having two people to do it.   The same type of covers also exist for pillows and are also a great idea.

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. 

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