In a traumatic situation such as bed bugs, it is unlikely that it will be something of which you budgeted.   Unfortunately, there is no insurance in place as of yet that will cover this.   So just like many other trials of life, you have to make a wise decision as to what is best.

We already know that heat is by far the best solution to remedy bed bugs.   It is however much more expensive.    The much lower cost of chemical extermination is very tempting.   So you need to understand the truth before deciding.

So if you are to choose a chemical solution, keep in mind that there are certain belongings of which will have to be disposed.   This is exactly opposite of heating where there is none necessary.    What is the cost of a new bed frame, couch, chairs, mattress set, Etc.?   You are going to have to do the math on that and weigh it out.  

If you are considering a chemical extermination, ask them how many times they will need to come out to resolve the problem.   They will most likely tell you 2 to 3 times.   That however is rarely true in the event of an infestation.    What is the cost of your mental health in knowing that your bed bug dilemma will carry over for possible months if it is to be resolved at all by a chemical solution?

What is your health or the health of your family and pets worth?   There is a huge reason as to why there are so many warning labels on chemicals used for extermination.   There is a huge reason why they are so heavily regulated by the EPA and other organizations.     Just do some research online related to health research and chemicals and you will find an endless amount of reading material.   Obviously with heat, no chemicals are used and there is zero health factors of concerns for any of the residents involving the extermination.

Why is a chemical solution so much less than heat extermination?    In a chemical solution, the applicator will come out and be there for maybe an hour.   And even if they plan to come back, there is a small investment of time and it involves typically only one applicator.   Heat on the other hand is a full day of work and involves usually 3 or more staff to conduct the application.  Do the math as to a wage of what someone will be in and out of conditions between 130 – 150 degrees, and you will be able to logically calculate a fair labor rate.     Chemical equipment is minimal, a sprayer is fairly inexpensive and the chemicals are minimally used.   Heating equipment is extremely expensive.    Just image one piece of equipment that puts out 400,000 BTU.   In most cases, a typical dwelling will involve many units of such which are very costly.   The fans, the monitoring equipment, ducting, safety equipment, fueling equipment and so much equate close to that of buying a house.   So you can only imagine the cost.

The cost of heating may seem higher up front, but in the long run, the problem is resolved in one day compared to months.   That has value.   The furnishings do not need to be replaced with heat which has great value.   Health is never a concern.   Peace of mind is priceless.    Also last and least, it is highly possible that your heat exterminator may have a payment plan which is unlikely for a chemical exterminator.   Take all in consideration when reviewing your options.  

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. 

If you are dealing with bed bugs in the Ohio vicinity of cities: Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Painesville, Sandusky, or Youngstown, we can help.   Counties served:  Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Erie, Medina, Mahoning.

Archangel Extermination LLC offers full dwelling heat extermination for bed bugs.   We are a Christian based organization that offers the lowest price solutions and best guarantees around.   

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