If you do any type of research at all, you will see that the very best solution is heat.    This comes in a variety of solutions.   Let’s try to break it down and also eliminate some possible scams along the way.

First and foremost, there is a difference between a topical heat treatment and a full heat treatment.  The ONLY way proven to work is full dwelling heating where a temperature of 122 degrees is achieved for a duration of 4 hours.   This method kills the bugs and their eggs.   Don’t be fooled!   Some of the smaller and even big name exterminators will tell you that they can offer a heat solution.    If they are bringing in a steamer, it is very unlikely to work.  

I’ve actually had conversations with clients that were expecting a heat service only to have the problem grow worst.   A large well known extermination franchise came out, steamed various areas of an apartment telling the client it was resolved.  The client came home hours later not knowing what was involved.   Instead of the entire dwelling being heated, they only used topical heat.   The client left a chocolate bar on the counter to find it fully intact.   Well that tells you that the entire dwelling was not heated.

There are other heat solutions that can contain and keep the probable minimized, but unlikely to fully resolve.   When an infestation is present, it is a good practice to wash and dry clothing in a dryer for one full cycle.   You can’t put your mattress in a dryer or bigger components of the house.   It will kill the bugs and eggs that might be nesting in your clothing, but it is not always the case that your clothing is the only place of which they are nesting.   Using the dryer for this portion is actually a component of a heat solution, but won’t resolve the problem.

There are also thermal containers that heat household items.   Some people will even use their oven.  Yes, this will kill the bugs on the item, but doesn’t address any nesting in outlets, bed frames, mattresses, etc.    The devices are handy though if you do a lot of travel and wish to use as a caution for your travel items.   It is not a solution to ridding yourself of an infestation.

As mentioned in the example above, steam is often discussed as a solution.   It will kill the bugs if they are on contact.   The problem is that bugs will run, and also it is unlikely that you will be able to steam every square inch, inside and out of your entire belongings.   It is just not a practical solution.   If you were to steam a mattress, the entire mattress cannot be heated.   It is mostly surface heat.   Therefor anything inside is probably safe.

As far as full dwelling heating, the equipment is expensive and if you do not know what you are doing, very dangerous.    There are natural gas, and propane heaters as well as electric heaters.   All are effective as long as they heat the entire dwelling and it is monitored.   If you heat a room to 122 degrees, the entire contents of the room also gets to that temperature.   That means even the inside of the mattress reaches that temperature.    Most exterminators will exceed the minimum mark and reach temperatures in the 150 degree range.   Beyond 150 degrees can actually start doing damage to your contents so the importance of understanding how to regulate temperature throughout is extremely important.   If done correctly, it is very effective! 

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. 

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