Bed bugs are a parasite.   It lives off of blood alone from s host.   The most common of a host for bed bugs is humans.    They well feed off other animals, but it is not as common.   Bed bugs have been known to feed on birds, but is not the host of choice.   You will unlikely find an infestation of bed bugs camping out near birds.   Unfortunately, that means 99% of what they feed on is that of the blood from humans.

A common question asked about bed bugs is that related to pets.    Bed bugs do not like fur or heavy hair and for the most part that makes them safe.    The bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide which pets exhale, so where they sleep is a place that will draw them.    Only in rare infestations are your pets at risk to get bit or to carry them.    However, in an infestation of any sort, it is always a good idea to give your pet a bath.

Beg bugs will typically eat once a week.  A nymph must feet at least 5 times and is sometimes at a slightly better rate than once a week.   They typically will be able to reproduce within a month.    Bed bugs do not like activity, so the most common time for them to feed is at night while the host is sleeping.

Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide.   This means anytime we exhale, we are leaving something for them to track us down.    This is also while luggage, purses, and backpacks are common places to pick up bed bugs.   As you open the compartment, you will exhale into it.   This means a dark quiet place now has C02 which is when the hitch hiking begins.

Sind bed bugs feed on blood regularly, there are various health concerns.    Although until 2018, there was never a record of diseases being associated with bed bugs.   Chagas disease was directly linked to the possible transfer of bed bugs.   Think of it like this, disease or simple bacteria transfer.   Even if science or research is unable to track specific diseases, imagine using the same needle every week to draw blood from a different host.   Most diseases will die before a danger which has been heavily researched.   However, there are so many unknowns that a parasite that has a life span of about a year could potentially feed weekly from different hosts.   Put multiple people into a hotel room and do the math.     Yes, it’s ugly!

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