Spoiler Alert:   If you are extremely clean, it won’t stop you from exposure to bed bugs.   Anyone that has a guest over or goes outside of house is at risk.

The problem grows especially with world travel.    Bed bugs however can be found in places that you might not ever suspect.   

  • Hotels: Sure the hotels are the common place that most people think about.   That only scratches the surface.   Obviously be extremely cautious with any overnight stay as they are subject to new travelers daily.
  • Amusement Parks: Without stating any place specific water park in Ohio, you will be hard pressed to find one that does not have bed bugs.    When you come home, make sure to treat your contents as this has been one of the most repetitive places where people have brought bed bugs home.
  • Convention Centers: So when you go to your next business convention at a very nice clean resort, be careful of where you set your laptop case or purse.  
  • Movie Theaters: I get at least one new picture per month of someone sending me a picture of an infestation at a local theater.   Another spoiler alert:  Even the cleanest of theaters may have them.   Just because they have leather seats, does not mean that they are immune.  That’s a myth!   Inside is soft material.   A nice dark area with lots of carbon dioxide from people that are fairly inactive and quiet is a resort for a bed bug.   Do not set down your jacket, purse, or anything when going there.
  • Hospitals: Any public place is going to have issues and although they are clean and cautious, they still deal with the unfortunate issue.
  • Libraries: A lot of times kids will go to library with their back pack and they don’t even know that they are carrying them.   Not as common as other places, but I have heard of these places containing them.
  • Airports: Ever go to an airport and see someone sleeping on the floor.   Where do you see more luggage than any other place in the world?   You guessed it.
  • Cars: When you have a taxi or other transportation, think of others that have been there before you.   Anytime you get into a car other than yours, exposure is a risk.
  • : The “Etc.” is everywhere else.   Any place where someone has been that was exposed is possible.   So when you go to an office some place, think of the other people that sat in chair before you.   There is no place that is immune.   The only thing you can do is be aware and take precautions.

The best prevention is to not set your belongings down.   Purses are huge problems because carbon dioxide is exhaled into them in a nice dark and quiet place and that is what bed bugs are attracted to.    Be cautious and be aware and you will most likely be safe.    It took me 52 years to ever see a bed bug.   Although I’m sure I was exposed on many other occasions.  

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. 

If you are dealing with bed bugs in the Ohio vicinity of cities: Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Painesville, Sandusky, or Youngstown, we can help.   Counties served:  Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Erie, Medina, Mahoning.

Archangel Extermination LLC offers full dwelling heat extermination for bed bugs.   We are a Christian based organization that offers the lowest price solutions and best guarantees around.   

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