As an exterminator and a personal victim myself, I know firsthand that bed bug bites can be very uncomfortable.   Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites.   Some people will have no reaction at all.  Some have a delayed reaction and some will have an immediate reaction.

When I first experienced bed bugs, I didn’t know that I had them.   I went to the Doctor because it itched between my fingers and also on my ankles.    There were no bite marks, it just itched.   The Doctor didn’t know either because there was nothing visual.   It is was a unique itch not like a mosquito bite but that of poison ivy or sumac.   In many cases, it actually turns into a skin infection which is the true symptom of some of the bigger itching cases.

As stated above, everyone reacts different.   In the majority of cases, most beg bug bites are not extremely raised like that of a mosquito.   They are typically flat.   Again, everyone is different so they can be raised.  It’s just not as common.   When people have an allergic reaction, it will be raised.   This however is often confused with flea bites.   I have had many inspections where it was thought to be bed bugs and turned out to be fleas.

Bed bugs tend to bite in straight lines.   You can’t just this by only 2 bites, but if you have been bitten multiple times and it is marking, you will most likely notice straight lines from the path of them biting then walking.    If you see a straight line of bites, this is an almost sure sign that it is bed bugs and not something else.

Humans are the primary host for bed bugs.   Keep in mind that they are a parasite and feed on blood only.   Bed bugs typically stay away from areas where there is hair.   That is typically why your pets are mainly safe.    This ultimately means that you can find bed bugs any place where there is soft tissue.   Feet, ankles, legs and arms are of their favorite places.   Any exposed skin is a convenient place for them to bite.

Unfortunately, there is not a ton you can do to help relieve the symptoms.   You should wash the area with soap and water which will help prevent a skin infection.   Corticosteroid creams can help a bit.   You should always see a medical physician though as in some cases a steroid shot is needed.  

The good news is that there is no proof as of yet for anything that has been life threatening from a bite.   Although it is possible to have a disease transmitted, it has yet to be proven.  Then again, you have to look at how this would have to be validated.  You would actually have to track down a specific bug carrying a disease to prove any transfer.

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