Bed bugs have been around for quite some time, but have become a serious problem that is growing especially over last ten years.    Ohio has been hit hard with various claims to be the strongest presence of bed bugs in the USA.     In order to understand the ineffectiveness of chemical insecticides, we will review a bit of history.   First and foremost, you should research this on your own.  A good place to start is by searching “Ohio Department of Agriculture AND bed bugs.”

DDT is a well know insecticide that was used in the past and was thought to have worked well.   The use of this chemical was eventually banned for other side effects.   Although temporary pest control was evident during it’s use, a bigger issue of resistance began to show itself.   The exoskeletons of bed bugs is much thicker today than it was years ago.    Part of this is related to bed bugs adapting to insecticides.   As you will be able to validate from various sites including the Ohio Department of Agriculture, bed bugs have simply built up immunity to most insecticides making them a poor choice for extermination.   

In the cases where they do work, it usually involves very small level infestations where the extermination usually comes back several times.    Keep in mind, small infestations grow very quickly so you are at great risk.   For insecticides to work at all, they must come in direct contact with both the bed bug and the eggs.    Given the bug can be as thin as a paper and will nest in the tiniest of cracks or deep within a mattress, the likeliness of direct contact is slim.    Even if direct contact is made, the issue of resistance is another unfavorable reality.  

There is also the age old health issues related to chemicals.   There is a reason why they are so highly regulated that directly corresponds to health.    Another great exercise is to simply search for results involving health issues related to bed bug insecticides.

Even if insecticides should by chance work killing off or controlling the bed bugs, in many cases furnishings and belongings need to be discarded.   That cost can be enormous.

The only effective way of bed bug extermination is heat.    If properly conducted, the extermination procedure will heat the dwelling and all contents to the appropriate temperatures uniformly for a specific duration.    When this is done, it kills all bed bugs and their eggs.    Although a bit more costly up front, the expense makes much more sense when you compare it to the cost of furnishing replacements.   With a heat treatment, you do not need to dispose of contents.   

There are various studies done that indicate exact temperatures and durations used to kill bed bugs.   The standard used by Archangel Extermination LLC is 130 degrees for 4 full hours.   As always, it is best for you to research this on your own.

There is a lot of preparation involved with a heat treatment for it to be effective, but it is a proven method where there is no side effects.   As in any case, stained furnishings are most likely to be discarded.   However as a standard, any contents within dwelling will be cleared without need to be discarded.

Further advice and commentary is always welcome from Archangel Extermination LLC. 

If you are dealing with bed bugs in the Ohio vicinity of cities: Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Painesville, Sandusky, or Youngstown, we can help.   Counties served:  Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Erie, Medina, Mahoning.

Archangel Extermination LLC offers full dwelling heat extermination for bed bugs.   We are a Christian based organization that offers the lowest price solutions and best guarantees around.   

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