Bringing home undesirable hitch hikers while traveling is far more common these days than in the past.   Bed bugs are just more common to be found at hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, movie theaters and so much more.    There are some simple things that we can do to reduce the chances of these unwelcomed pests.

  • VINEGAR: It not only kills bed bugs, but also repels them.   If you are going to travel, a few mists of vinegar on the outside of your luggage or computer cases can go a long way.   Yes, it is a bit smelly which is negative.    If you can tolerate the smell, it’s an option for various preventatives.  
  • BAGS: Keep Ziploc bags or trash bags with you for dirty laundry.   Make sure to keep separated from other contents while transporting.   While in hotel, it is a good idea to hang a bag in your closet or to keep in bathtub.   When I travel, I keep all my clean items in Ziploc bags so that any exposure is limited.
  • ALCOHOL: This will kill the bugs on contact as well.   I keep a small spray bottle with me.   When I take my dirty laundry, I place it in a sealable bag and always spray a little alcohol on it.   When transporting anything from car to house, it’s a good idea to use alcohol on all contents.  Spray outside and inside of luggage before transporting inside your house.    Spraying down the bag itself that are you are preparing to launder is very helpful.   Spray inside the bag and especially around the top of the bag before emptying content.   VERY IMPORTANT, spray your shoes well and leave them outside in garage if able.   Spray purses, backpacks, or any type of cargo.  Spray the interior and trunk of your car as well.
  • HEATING: You will need a couple of Milk House electric heaters for this.    I’ll give specific instructions following on how to use but extreme caution and further research is a must.   Heating your car is a good idea and fairly simple.   Two heaters in the inside of car while running will heat the car to over 130 degrees within a half hour.   If you leave contents like luggage and laundry while doing this, it is very effective.    Heat will kill the bugs and any eggs.   Obviously you must be extremely careful.    Your car should be in open area to outside with a couple of windows slightly cracked.   You should have heat of car on high with fan at high.   If your car fans don’t work, you can risk overheating car engine.  The heat in direct contact with anything is dangerous. There are risks no matter what, so you need to use caution and fully understand this process with more research before attempting.   Make sure any aerosols, combustibles, or flammables are removed.   Let run for 4 hours and you should be safe.   Make sure to disconnect heater cords and wear gloves while turning off car.   While heating is effective, you really need to research and have a plan so that you fully understand how to do this.   The electric heaters are cheap and can be used for other applications as well, but take far too much power to heat an entire dwelling.

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