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Ohio Bed Bug Exterminator:

If you are dealing with bed bugs in the Ohio vicinity of cities: Cleveland, Lorain, Akron, Painesville, Sandusky, or Youngstown, we can help.   Counties served:  Lorain, Cuyahoga, Summit, Erie, Medina, Mahoning.

Over the past ten years, bed bugs have been making a significant comeback in Northeast Ohio. A common myth is that bed bugs only live in dirty homes, this simply is not the case. Bed bugs LOVE warm homes, and once they hitchhike on your clothes, jacket, or luggage, they will begin to breed in your home. Another misconception is that you cannot get bed bugs from a fancy or expensive hotel. Again, this is simply not the case. Bed bugs are excellent travelers and will attach to clothing and move from one location to another undetected, until it is too late.Bed bugs grow from eggs to adults very quickly in a warm home, do not wait for an exterminator, you need to act quickly. In an average temperature home, bed bugs can mature to adults in 3-5 weeks, so time is of the essence.


Residential homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings are all susceptible to bed bug infestations, let Archangel Extermination help you today!



Heat Exterminating

Archangel offers both forced air as well as electric heat solutions for bed bug extermination. Your dwelling is heated to temperatures between 130 and 150 degrees, and  we maintain that temperature for over 4 to 5 hours.  Our solution has been validated and proven. Beware of exterminators that offer topical heat, they simply are not effective!

Full dwelling Heat Treatment for bed bugs is the ONLY method that guarantees the complete removal of adult bed bugs and their eggs. The entire dwelling needs to be fully heated of which there are no bugs that can survive the treatment.  We exceed standards and do not go by minimums. Archangel will go over and above to insure that your problem is resolved the first time. VALIDATION and GUARANTEE are offered before we begin the extermination process.



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